We're business owners too: we know what it's like. We focus on building the value of your brand, in aesthetics and writing. How? Through an intellectual yet creative approach that pulls from our experiences and passions.




David Walmsley | Founder & Strategist

From an early age, David has always been interested in knowing how things are, and how they came to be. This has enabled him to develop a level of knowledge that is hard to come by. With a keen interest in avant-garde fashion, obscure literature, societal patterns, science, and scotch, David is an expert in many fields. David holds a B.A. from UBC, where he majored in Sociology and English. In his free time, he writes about various topics including fashion, local business, and artisanal craftsmanship.


JoyNe Ng | Social Media Manager

Joyce developed a keen interest in words and the power that they hold at a young age. A voracious reader and a writing enthusiast, she would go on to earn her B.A. in English Literature at UBC to satiate her desire to master the language. Now, she helps companies develop their online voices through effective copywriting and her expertise in social media. Aside from her work with Social Victory, Joyce also writes for a New York-based music site and owns a business that specializes in custom baked goods.


Juno Kim | Content coordinator

While food and cooking is Juno's passion, his interests are well-rounded. Juno got his first experiences with entrepreneurship by managing an independent boutique, while attending UBC. Although his B.A. is in Psychology and Economics, Juno studied a variety of science, statistics and business courses. This allows him to tackle problems by drawing on multiple perspectives. He was also the Chief Experience Officer of a startup teaching high school students about social entrepreneurship. In addition to Social Victory, he owns his own private catering company.